An Unforgettable Coffee Experience.

REC COFFEE was born with the desire to give an unforgettable coffee experience to many people. As a place to record inspiration and recreation in coffee, REC COFFEE will serve you the best cup.

We have something to cherish.

Taking coffee seriously, Understanding countries and people who take part in coffee production and Serving a cup of coffee as a professional barista and roastery based on the philosophy of specialty coffee, "From Seed to Cup". Behind a cup of coffee, there are countless efforts and passions. REC COFFEE believe that we must serve an coffee experience with those things.



In order to pursue the best cup, we will identify the roasting suitable for coffee beans and deliver it to our customers in a fresh state under strict quality control. We want you to enjoy the rich character of coffee.

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The sweets that are carefully made one by one are original by an exclusive pastry chef. Enjoy the pairing of coffee and sweets that can only be enjoyed at REC COFFEE.

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From the desire to "deliver more delicious coffee to as many people as possible" and "to have an experience that impresses with coffee," we will start from a coffee mobile sales store, which was rare at the time.

The Story Begins From a Coffee Truck



Established mobile sales store REC COFFEE
Founded by co-representatives Yukazu Iwase and Osamu Kitazoe.
A coffee mobile store was rare at the time. The origin of REC COFFEE.


Opened as "REC COFFEE FAAM CAFE" in the cafe space inside the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. Currently, the store is closed in a way that replaces the opening of the Hakata Marui.

Opened REC COFFEE Yakuin Station, the first roadside store
Opened a store in Fukuoka City Yakuin, where REC COFFEE was founded.


Yoshikazu Iwase won 3rd place in Japan Barista Championship 2011 (JBC)


REC COFFEE Kencho Higashi opened

Yoshikazu Iwase won JBC2014 for the first time
Achieved the long-sought first victory in JBC's sixth challenge.


Iwase made his first appearance at the World Barista Championship 2015 (WBC) and won 7th place in the semifinals
He won the 7th place in the semi-finals at the WBC in Seattle, USA.

Iwase won the JBC2015. Achieve the feat of winning the second consecutive JBC.


REC COFFEE Hakata Marui
​Opened a store in the Hakata area, the business center of Fukuoka.

Yoshikazu Iwase won second place at WBC2016
​He's got second place at the WBC in Dublin, Ireland.


REC COFFE Omotesando opened
First store in Tokyo. A limited-time pop-up shop with HORN G.M.T and MARK AND LONA at Omotesando Hills B3.

REC COFFEE Tenjin opened
Collaboration store with PloomTech Shop.

Started roasting our own
From a viewpoint nearer in a producer to pursuit of the quality.


REC COFFEE Josui Terrace opened

REC COFFEE Suidobashi opened
Opened first store facing on the street in Tokyo.


REC COFFEE Tenjin Minami opened
Opend as a replacement store of REC COFFEE Tenjin